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Secure your network
from costly cyber attacks with our innovative
security solutions

Secure your network from costly cyber attacks with our innovative security solutions

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Superloop can protect your business.1

CyberEdge secures your network, data, and assets from zero hour cyber attacks using:

CyberEdge secures your network, data, and assets from zero hour cyber attacks using:
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Multi-layered Advanced Threat Protection Suite
  • Artificial Intelligence-based filtering system
  • Easy-to-use SD-WAN capabilities and controls
  • Granular real-time reporting


of Australian organisations have reported suffering ransomware attack


How much cybercrime costs Australian businesses a year


Increase in global malicious activity in June 2020 (compared to 2019)


The average ransom demand paid by APAC businesses due to ransomware

Are you protected?

Superloop’s CyberEdge keeps your network secure from cyber attacks and gives you peace of mind by safeguarding your assets, customers, company, and reputation.

20+ years of experience

CyberEdge has the expertise and decades of experience to ensure your business is secure utilising the most advanced, to-the-minute security technologies available.

Protect your network from
costly cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication and often the damage to businesses is irreparable. Prevent your business from becoming another victim with CyberEdge’s highly advanced multi-layered defence platform.

Shielding your data,
network & assets
Protection from sophisticated attacks
Enhanced performance, resiliency & security
Granular insights &
real-time reporting
Hands-on Australian support
Flexible payment packages
Shielding your data, network, and assets

Your data is your organisation’s most valuable asset, don’t let it get in the hands of cyber criminals. Once hackers infiltrate your network, you risk serious financial and reputational consequences that could destroy your business.

Superloop’s CyberEdge cyber security and data protection solution offers maximum security and control of your network and data. For comprehensive, to-the-minute protection, our advanced multi-layered defence in depth platform includes our Next Generation Firewall that ensures the most thorough data and network protection.

Web security and filtering icon

Sophisticated new threats and techniques are increasing the risk to inadequately protected networks, leaving Australian businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks.

To combat these new and previously unknown threats, CyberEdge’s web security and filtering solutions employ leading-edge technologies that provide instant protection against emerging threats through real-time continuous updates.

Our Artificial Intelligence-powered systems engage dynamic intelligence gained from 650+ million global users to provide the industry’s leading malicious detection capabilities.

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With the adoption of business critical cloud-based services dramatically increasing, application performance, bandwidth scalability, service availability, and cost control are fast becoming foundational requirements for networks.

CyberEdge gives businesses powerful, easy-to-use SD-WAN capabilities and controls. This allows administrators to best manage their networks and achieve enhanced application performance, improved network resiliency, and high-powered cyber security in a solution that grows and evolves with your business.

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Complete visibility across your entire network is crucial to best understand and eliminate vulnerabilities and potential threats. Yet deep, granular insights can often be challenging to compile critical reporting.

CyberEdge is a complete cyber security solution including CyberEdge Insights which provides a definitive view of your entire network traffic. Combining granular detail with practical, real-time reporting, CyberEdge Insights ensures your business has enhanced visibility of all events happening on your networks.

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Big cyber security providers rarely have the time or, in many cases, choose not to prioritise small, localised issues and frequently give their customers the run-around.

As an Australia-based company with local support and customer service, we intimately understand our customers’ needs as well as the broader local business ecosystem. This gives us the agility to quickly respond to changes in industries, local and global markets, and our customers’ needs so we can best cater to the shifting tides.

Our local Australian support team takes a hands-on approach to each customer, and whenever you speak to our team, you’re speaking to a highly trained specialist in cyber security.

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Whether your business considers cyber security under its capital expenses or operational expenses, CyberEdge’s suite of enterprise-class solutions suit all financial modelling.

Our solutions offer affordable monthly, annual, and discounted multi-year payment packages, so you can find a schedule that works for your business needs.

Your package cost completely covers the support, training, and licensing required to get the highest level of protection possible.

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Enterprise-class tools for
businesses big and small

Superloop’s CyberEdge services address the requirements of all Australian business sizes ranging from single-site local SMBs to multi-site enterprises.

Industry-focused cyber security solutions

Superloop’s CyberEdge has secured the networks of some of Australia’s most vulnerable sectors whose systems are under ongoing threat of attack.

Advanced tracking to prevent
future cyber attacks

We make it our mission to provide advanced security solutions that track and address concerning trends so we remain ahead of future vulnerabilities.

Proven experience

The CyberEdge team consists of cyber security professionals who have worked in the field for decades. Our team brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the CyberEdge platform and its users.

Get in touch to discuss how Superloop can protect your business.1

The CyberEdge difference

Maximum network security
Highly advanced multi-layered defence platform
Steadfast protection from zero day and zero hour web-based attacks
Powerful, easy-to-use network controls
Real-time reporting for enhanced full network visibility
Affordable monthly payment options

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