Superloop (ASX:SLC) welcomes the Minister and the NBN’s decision to renew its focus on the business and government segments. In particular we applaud the  steps toward the removal of the unjustifiable region tax that the legacy industry has imposed upon businesses and government departments in regional Australia through zoned pricing.  

Whilst a significant step forward, unfortunately, there will still be many thousands of businesses throughout metropolitan and regional Australia that will pay higher retail pricing because of their location and legacy zone pricing. Superloop would encourage the Government and the NBN to recognise that all Australian businesses, regardless of location should be treated equally through the wholesale charges levied to retail service providers.  Now more than ever is the time to ensure greater equality and affordability of telecommunication services for all Australian businesses.

Superloop congratulates the NBN on the $700m investment that it is making in building new access fibre to Australian business locations. Importantly, NBN is making available its highest quality Enterprise Ethernet product to 1.4 million Australian businesses. The Business Fibre initiative will enable Superloop to offer Internet services, using the scale and breadth of NBN’s wholesale access network which today is seamlessly connected into Superloop’s domestic and international Internet backbone.

Superloop is uniquely positioned to partner with NBN in delivering the best of all worlds -  the NBN fibre access network complemented by Superloop’s own market leading domestic and international networks. We supplement this proposition through delivery of completely diverse redundancy options via our fixed wireless assets.  Businesses across the nation will now have access to fibre based gigabit speeds, no longer held back by the lack of choice and high pricing of the past.